A company that look at the future with passion, never forgetting about the past

The company was born in 1950 from the strong willpower of the brothers Aldo and Martino Martoglio. The company has grown step by step, slowly and steadily, like the typical pace of the people of Piedmont Mountains. Initially presented as a co-partnership, than a one-man business, the company took the status of a limited partnership, after the two sons joined it in the late 70s.

Something about our history

The importance of the past

Lavorazioni meccaniche, automazioni e produzione filtriLavorazioni meccaniche, automazioni e produzione filtri

Starting from the initial experiences in bodywork production (in the 50s) and handcraft (in the 70s) the company then focused on light carpentry and sheet metal melding (in the 80s, 90s). Between 1977 and 1985 the Martoglio Company worked as supplier for the automotive industry and electromechanical industry providing products of sheet metal melding and light carpentry. A full-equipped mechanical manufacturing department supported every production activities. Our qualified staff worked on the creation and guaranteed the maintenance of moulds and tools.

The development

Lavorazioni meccaniche, automazioni e produzione filtrimartoglio-sas-lavorazioni-meccaniche-automazioni-produzione-filtri (10)Thanks to the experience acquired in the electro technics and precision mechanics, in the late 80s the Martoglio Company moved to the automation industry and to the field of the design and production of special machinery.

Human Resources

Lavorazioni meccaniche, automazioni e produzione filtriLavorazioni meccaniche, automazioni e produzione filtriThe structure of our Technical Office has been improved, from the simple management of the production of items designed by our customers to the current entire design of complex automatic machinery. The machinery are designed and realized entirely by our company, with the “key in hand” formula, in order to meet the customer’s needs. The company develops the entire project starting from the mechanical aspects, the fluidics and electric plant design to the programming and management of PLC software. We are committed in the field of assembling and movement machines, employ in different types of industries, machines used for the manufacturing and treatment of cellulose flakes, machines used for the production of metallic products and production of robotic stock for the pharmaceutical industry. The long and profitable partnership with Miyachi Europe allows us to specialize in the production of resistance welding machines, employed in the welding of sheet metal for bodywork and micro welding.
Thanks to the perseverance, dynamism and commitment of our technical staff made up by qualified young people that can join their practical skills to the experience, our Technical Office can support our customers from the design to the realization of the products.

Management policy

Lavorazioni meccaniche, automazioni e produzione filtriLavorazioni meccaniche, automazioni e produzione filtriOur company try to reduce bureaucracy in order to easily and rapidly respond to the customers’ needs. Although, we have structured our internal processes according to the rules and directives of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and obtain the certification. Our management policy allows us to offer the best quality in all processes, both administrative and productive, encouraging the practice of continuous improvement at every level, thanks to our care for the details, to the engagement of our employees that we respect and appraise and encouraging the team work. Our directive structure made up of two of the three partners together with our Administrative Office and our Quality Service manages every activity of the company, applying the management procedures in order to reach our goals. Even if the enthusiasm for the innovation has brought our company from the carpentry to the automation, we never forget the past. Today our company can rely on three different departments:
A mechanical department that deals with design and assembly of special machinery,
A productive and molding department that deals with the realization of specific designs for our customers,
A filters department that deals with the construction of filters for the marine industry and industrial sector.
Thanks to our experience we can be ideal partners for all those companies that want to automate or rationalise their industrial processes, assembly or testing processes. Thanks to our availability of human resources we can rely on many co-operations and partnerships. Our company cares about customer satisfaction in terms of products realizations and services supply. Our main goal is the continuous improvement in order to reach the “zero defects” standard together with the happiness and satisfaction of our employees that are the heart of our company.