Thanks to our long-life experience we had organized our company in three main departments:

  • mechanical department that deals with the design and the assembly of tools, automations and special machinery,
  • productive and molding department that deals with the realization of specific designs for our customers,
  • filters department that deals with the construction of filters for the marine industry and the industrial sector.

Mechanical department

Reparto meccanica

Our Mechanical Department located in via Abegg 35 in Sant’Antonino di Susa on an area of 800 mq, has got traditional machinery and computer numerical control machines. The department can directly build the most part of the mechanical parts of our machines and it deals with every maintenance services. There is also an electrical department that looks after the switchboard wiring and it realizes control boards for our machines. The department deals also with the realization of management software for automatic machines.

Productive department

Reparto produzione

Our Productive Department located in via Abegg 35 in Sant’Antonino di Susa on an area of 1350 mq is divided in two parts: a press department outfitted with small and medium tonnage mechanical presses (from 20 to 120 tons), and an assembly department outfitted with resistant welding machines both manual and automatic. The department can realize specific designs for our customer and can offer finished or semi-finished products. It collaborates with the customers to find the best solutions and to optimize all the processes, especially in the field of resistant and projection welding wherein we have a long experience.

Filters department

Reparto filtri

Our filters department is located in via Abegg 48 in San’Antonino di Susa in an adjacent building to the productive department. It deals with the small series construction of water, air, oil and fuel filters for the marine and automotive industry and for the industrial sector.