le risorse umane 1progettazione meccanicaOur philosophy is that not only  do we offer products to our customers, but rather solutions. In this perspective it is essential that automations and special machinery  are conceived and studied in collaboration with the customer himself, examining the set of problems and the possible solutions with designers and experts. Only in this way we can get the best results. In order to achieve this ambitious objectives, we have constantly improved the structure of our Technical Office, from the simple design of molds and tools (in the 80s and 90s) to the current design of more complete production lines. The machinery are designed and realized entirely with the “key in hand” formula, using the costumer’s needs as an input. After that, we develop the entire project starting from the mechanical aspects, the fluidics and electric plant design to the programming and management of PLC software. We are committed in the field of assembling and movement machines, employed in different types of industries, machines used for the treatment and the packaging of flour, machines used for the production of metallic products and production of robotic stocks for the pharmaceutical industry. The long and profitable partnership with Miyachi Europe allows us to specialize in the production of resistance welding machines, employed in the welding of sheet metal for bodywork and micro welding. Thanks to the perseverance, dynamism and commitment of our technical staff made up by qualified young people that can join their practical skills to the experience, our Technical Office can support our customers from the design to the realization of the products.



We offer to all our customers, together with the design and the production of the automations, a service of installation and test in loco of our machineries. All our solutions of automation are tested in the plant, before the delivery, but the support to the installation guarantees the good functioning of the system, since the activation of the service.


Vocational training

The computerization of a productive process, and in particular the installation of teams of robots, often goes with a vocational training of the personnel in charge. As for all the innovations, both technological and organizational, it is necessary that the personnel is conveniently trained. Our Company, along customers, organizes continuing education courses, both on our machineries and on practical technology.


Customer assistance

If you order an automatic system of production to the Martoglio S.a.s., not only do you buy something, but you also establish a long-term relationship of collaboration. We offer for all our systems an after-sales service a long-term extension of the warranty. We have  a trained and prepared personnel for assistance and maintenance services, arranged or on demand. Our staff is efficient and prepared, both in mechanics and in management. We are also able to offer services of remote maintenance and remote control.